Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Touching up on the SQL

Yea, SQL, what a great language to know and know good. As a developer, you're pretty much expected to have experience with or even be fluent in SQL. As for myself personally, I love what you can do with the language because it just opens up so many more possibilities for online applicaton development.

Of coarse we all have our moments of staring at our screens trying to think why the primary key in table pID is having a bit of difficulty seeing it's foreign key in table oID or maybe. Or maybe ColdFusion seems to be throwing it's usual temper tantrum, saying no, you messed up some where no go find it or else you cannot continue. Maybe it's something completely redundant or something that was just overlooked. All in all it happens to the best of us and the cure for those days is to get up, walk away, and get your mind of off what in the world you were doing to clear you foggy little head.

Then you come back from a nice stroll through your office or where ever your happy place is and sit down, look at your code and BLAMO! You realize your mistake, correct it, and now ColdFusion's happy as well as yourself.

Are you stuck on something or having a brain fart? Give W3Schools a try, it's helpful when you're stuck on something.

- Pete

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