Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Annoyance with Photoshop CS3

There's a feature in Photoshop CS3 that I happen to find annoying to the point of having to find out if I could get rid of the feature. It's not anything serious, just one of those things that was thought to be a time saver or a space saver. It is in fact the new menu feature that makes you click on a menu item to show all items on that menu. It's so annoying when you have to click show all items everytime you need to get to something 10 times or more in such a little perios of time. So I had to kill that feature, every last bit of it as soon as possible.

If the "Show all items" is getting on your last nerve as well, here's how to get rid of it and never see it again until you have to re-install Photoshop for some unknown reason or maybe you actually like the feature and would like it back.

Here's how:
Open Photoshop and once completely loaded click on the Window menu item on the main toolbar. Now travel to Keyboard Shortcuts and Menus. Now, you should have a dialog box containing a tree menu with several items that may look familiar. It is in fact the layout or sitemap or even tree map of Photoshops main toolbar. To show the contents of an item, just simply click the arrow next to the menu item or by double-clicking the menu item. Once you have revealed all the list items in that menu you may now click the visibility to the right of the pertaining item to show it forever. If you don't want to show an item just leave the visibility button blank. Once you have gone through the extensive list of Photoshop features, click OK to confirm your changes. Here's the biggie, make sure you save your workspace or else you may have to re-select all those menu items again which can take a bit of time to do. To save your Workspace do the following: Click Window then navigate to Workspace and select Save WorkSpace, and finally select a workspace to save it as or re-save it as a new workspace.

Doing all that should help you save some time and frame yourself from being annyoed by silly features that Adobe thinks their products should have.

- Pete

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