Monday, January 12, 2009

Googles Language API

Ever so recently I have been becoming quite acquainted with Google's kinda sorta new Language API at work. Many clients have been asking if it would be possible for their web pages to be translated on the fly, and yes, yes it is. There are a couple free widgets available that do the job, but do the job a bit sloppy. What I mean by sloppy is that once the page has been translated, it may display the text all over the place or have the translated page inside a frame dedicated to the service (I hate that, it's ugly). As for Google's Language API, you have control over certain aspects of the language translation except for one very important aspect that Google should address if they want this API to hit it big with developers. What is it you ask? It is a limit on the number of characters on a single page that can be translated and if you go over that limit your page renders blank and useless. Whats the limit total? Glad you asked, at first when the API was introduced it had a weak limit of 500 chars but was updated to 5000 which IS NOT even close to being enough. Please Google, boost that bad boy up serious or even kill the limit.

- Pete

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