Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playing with coding languages

Most internet developers make it important to themselves to take some time to learn some new programming languages or maybe even do some fiddling with new languages.

As for me, I am a ColdFusion head all the way and definitely consider ColdFusion to be my primary and preferred language to code in. My second language is most likely PHP mainly because of it's support for almost every web hosting service available along with some other reasons of my own.

Recently I was went on an interview for a ColdFusion developer position and was asked if I had any experience with the .NET Framework and I was not able to say yes. I have played with ASP.NET in Visual Studio and Dreamweaver once before, but I have never gotten to the point of making a fully functional application with the language.

I know I'm not alone here but I have never been able to get into the whole Microsoft technology thing and in fact, if I could just throw away all Microsoft apps it would be my pleasure to do so. But (grinding teeth), for the fact that giving this stuff a go will most likely open more doors for myself, I am willing to try it out. Who knows maybe it'll be awesome.

- Pete

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Might be time for a change

It's quite amazing how easily people get use to something and are very hard headed about change. As for myself, I love change, I personally believe it's healthy to make changes and get your feet wet with new experiences. Not everyone feels the same as I am very aware of.

Well, the reason behind me bringing this up is that the Internet is changing constantly, and if your not prepared to go along with it, or learn about the direction it's going, you might lose the battle and your clients. Now a days, developers are creating web sites that are easier for novice users to handle and interact with along with ease of making updates.

I'm finding many web studios still using the same standard that they used when the Internet was first introduced. Not only that, but they tell their clients they have limitations in specified areas when they surely do not. I say take the time and learn what's going on before your world starts to crumble around you.

Some companies are still coding completely in HTML and using table designs which makes a web page act like it's loading from a dial up network. It's 2008, about to be 2009 and the standards, abilities and technologies are definitely available. So why on earth wouldn't you use them to their full extent.

As for myself, I will continue to use the cool new technologies that are often free of charge as long as I know where to get them and will code using todays standards and not the standards that were found back in the early 90's.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The hunt for something better

As many family and friends already know, I have started the search for a better web developer gig. Reasons, reasons, reason. There are actually some very mild reasons for me looking for a new company along with one reason that seems to be in need as of today.

First, living in New Jersey is a killer on the pocket, so I have decided to begin checking out other states and what they may be able to offer, but yet, still checking out companies in New Jersey so a big move is not needed at all. Of coarse, moving to another state might be an interesting experience and will most likely be less of a strain on the pockets, but moving away from family and friends will also be very hard. Time will tell and who knows, maybe I'll get an offer in New Jersey that I can't refuse.

Second, A HOUSE!!!, Very important to get one of those because everyone knows that renting is just a major waste of money and there is no way to get one of those things unless your making enough dough.

Third, and the most important one of them all. Finally and boy do I mean finally, get married to my extremely long-termed women Nicole. Going on 11 years this Christmas, we need to seal the deal.

To be continued later...