Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playing with coding languages

Most internet developers make it important to themselves to take some time to learn some new programming languages or maybe even do some fiddling with new languages.

As for me, I am a ColdFusion head all the way and definitely consider ColdFusion to be my primary and preferred language to code in. My second language is most likely PHP mainly because of it's support for almost every web hosting service available along with some other reasons of my own.

Recently I was went on an interview for a ColdFusion developer position and was asked if I had any experience with the .NET Framework and I was not able to say yes. I have played with ASP.NET in Visual Studio and Dreamweaver once before, but I have never gotten to the point of making a fully functional application with the language.

I know I'm not alone here but I have never been able to get into the whole Microsoft technology thing and in fact, if I could just throw away all Microsoft apps it would be my pleasure to do so. But (grinding teeth), for the fact that giving this stuff a go will most likely open more doors for myself, I am willing to try it out. Who knows maybe it'll be awesome.

- Pete

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