Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Aptana Studio

Alright, about 2 months ago I was searching for a killer coding atmosphere that was similar to Dreamweaver without the cost that would kill the bank and was up-to-date with the most recent Web 2.0 Technologies. I ran through tons for instance, Notepad++, which is a coding environment but a very boring one at that although it was open source. Then I kinda fell in love with TextMate, but unfortunately is only available on the Mac Platform and I needed something Multiplatformable (it's a word). I knew about Eclipse and all the coding environments based on the IDE such as PHP Eclipse. Well, after further searching I ran across Aptana Studio which a coding environment based on Eclipse that is absolutely amazing. It does everything I could ask for including the ability to install CFEclipse and take my pick of Ajax Libraries such as Mootools, Jquery and one of my favorites, YUI (The Yahoo Library).

Would I recommend Aptana to all Internet Developers, not really, mainly because Aptana doesn't seem to have a feature many use in Dreamweaver, the Design View. As for myself, when working in Dreamweaver I rarely ever click that Design View button as I don't see a need for it anymore, but there are some developers that rely on Design View to accomplish certain or all tasks.

Well, Aptana, I like it and after working with it for about 2 months I think I am gonna make the switch and call Dreamweaver my backup. Now if I can only find something to replace Photoshop so I can fully say goodbye to MS.

- Pete

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Craig Kaminsky said...


I'm all for leaving MS, so just in case this helps you along the way:
Gimp for Mac OS X - http://www.gimp.org/macintosh/

It's a valid Photoshop replacement.

Also, if you ever get stuck doing the occasional .NET programming, check out Mono for 'nix systems. I am able to, with the Enomic plugin for Eclipse from IBM, program and run .NET (versions 1 and 2) on my Mac or Linux boxes.

Good luck and glad you are digging Aptana, too!!