Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally gone mobile

So I finally got a laptop and no, no no it's not a Mac as I was planning. Do I really care, not too much, not even the least. It's a laptop and in fact a pretty damn nice laptop andddddd also an affordable laptop that I am quite happy with.

The laptop I chose is HP's DV6 nice pretty and black not the dull boring and overly super shiny silver model. I picked this laptop at my local BJ's, because when I think of nice laptops, I think of BJ's, right. Not me, I was shocked and didn't even think to check out BJ's for a laptop. I went to all the obvious stores like 2 Best Buy's, Staples and some other who cares stores.

I originally bought a laptop from Staples but returned it the very next day because I found the DV6 at BJ's along with the wireless router for $10 less. The price of the DV6 was $699 and the wireless router I picked up was $50.

I'm not gonna go into the different pricing of all the stores I went to while looking for a laptop and wireless router but I will say that Best Buy was byyyyy farrrrr the most over priced and annoying, especially since I went to 2 different stores and didn't find a thing that met my needs. I will say this though, Staples did have a laptop that was selling for $450 while Best Buy was selling the exact same laptop for $550. But, the people at Staples were annoyingly pushy at trying to sell stuff that I did not need and yes I did make it very aware that I did not want anything else but the laptop. Just give me my merchandise and leave me alone or else I will hand you the product back and just walk out. Thank you!

- Pete

Friday, June 12, 2009

Some things aren't what they seem

In my last blog I wrote about a job offer that I accepted, I believe it's time for an update on how the job is working out. To be honest, I am not with the company anymore and it only took me a week to figure out that I was not digging the company for reasons that I will not be explaining.

Well, you may think that I'm now jobless but that is not true at all. Before my first week was even over I contacted my last employer to see of they hired anyone for my position, and of coarse they were looking. So before they had a chance to get someone in I thought that it may be smart to contact them to see if they would take me back, especially since it was not even a week that I left. They did take me back thankfully and I've been back for about a week now.

The point of this blog is to simply explain that sometimes some things are much more important than others and what might be an obvious choice may not be.

I something doesn't feel right, go with your heart, it always tells you what the smart choice is.

- Pete