Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally gone mobile

So I finally got a laptop and no, no no it's not a Mac as I was planning. Do I really care, not too much, not even the least. It's a laptop and in fact a pretty damn nice laptop andddddd also an affordable laptop that I am quite happy with.

The laptop I chose is HP's DV6 nice pretty and black not the dull boring and overly super shiny silver model. I picked this laptop at my local BJ's, because when I think of nice laptops, I think of BJ's, right. Not me, I was shocked and didn't even think to check out BJ's for a laptop. I went to all the obvious stores like 2 Best Buy's, Staples and some other who cares stores.

I originally bought a laptop from Staples but returned it the very next day because I found the DV6 at BJ's along with the wireless router for $10 less. The price of the DV6 was $699 and the wireless router I picked up was $50.

I'm not gonna go into the different pricing of all the stores I went to while looking for a laptop and wireless router but I will say that Best Buy was byyyyy farrrrr the most over priced and annoying, especially since I went to 2 different stores and didn't find a thing that met my needs. I will say this though, Staples did have a laptop that was selling for $450 while Best Buy was selling the exact same laptop for $550. But, the people at Staples were annoyingly pushy at trying to sell stuff that I did not need and yes I did make it very aware that I did not want anything else but the laptop. Just give me my merchandise and leave me alone or else I will hand you the product back and just walk out. Thank you!

- Pete

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