Friday, October 3, 2008

The hunt for something better

As many family and friends already know, I have started the search for a better web developer gig. Reasons, reasons, reason. There are actually some very mild reasons for me looking for a new company along with one reason that seems to be in need as of today.

First, living in New Jersey is a killer on the pocket, so I have decided to begin checking out other states and what they may be able to offer, but yet, still checking out companies in New Jersey so a big move is not needed at all. Of coarse, moving to another state might be an interesting experience and will most likely be less of a strain on the pockets, but moving away from family and friends will also be very hard. Time will tell and who knows, maybe I'll get an offer in New Jersey that I can't refuse.

Second, A HOUSE!!!, Very important to get one of those because everyone knows that renting is just a major waste of money and there is no way to get one of those things unless your making enough dough.

Third, and the most important one of them all. Finally and boy do I mean finally, get married to my extremely long-termed women Nicole. Going on 11 years this Christmas, we need to seal the deal.

To be continued later...

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