Thursday, January 15, 2009

The job that got away

Back in October of the recently archived 2008 I Blogged about trying to find something better, and in fact I "think" I did. After starting the hunt for a better something I came across what seems to be an amazing amount of openings for the price that I am in desperate need for. Some of these positions were out of the New Jersey range which would be nice but not really needed unless it was definitely something worth while. Some positions were located in South Carolina, Ohio, Chicago, Pennsylvania (Home), Virginia, and all the way to the top of the U.S. in Maine. Loving the cold weather and being fluent in the language of Philly, I would definitely call myself an East Coast guy.

As for finding somewhere nice to go, I thought that I had found the right place for me to call home and possibly even grow stronger in my career but I am gonna have to say that unfortunately I'm thinking it has all fallen through. Maybe I'm not the guy that they were looking for after all or maybe, just maybe this whole rotting economy deal is having an affect on this position.

All and all, I'm not going to let the stressing economy take over my career. The only thing that I can really do is just keep looking just like every other person in my position and I understand that very well.

- Pete

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