Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Haven't blogged in a while for good reasons

Well it's been sometime since I've written my last blogged, mainly because I've been very busy working on my new web site for my freelance service that I call Blue Web Techniques. In fact, I can't remember when I got a site together as quick as I did with this one. I mean everything came to me unbelievably easy and I pretty much knew what I wanted right away instead of constantly pondering about small details.

Some new features on my new site include, slick and simple navigation, live Twitter feed (not always about tech stuff), A tag cloud that is updated whenever someone does a search, a new search box that opens up in a light box, almost all new content that gets right to the point, a very basic contact form (no more non sense fields), Language Translation with the Google API, new portfolio content and I think that's about it, but of coarse, I'm always working on something so expect many more additions.

I hope you like my new site, click here to check it out.
I'm also more active than ever on Twitter.

- Pete

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