Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goals for 2010

Every year I make a list of goals to accomplish and lord knows that I have gotta try and do something because 2009 wasn't exactly a great year for myself.

5 Reasons 2009 sucked:
  1. Left a bad paying job for a relatively better paying job and went back to the bad paying job
  2. Lost 2 cars which led to trouble all over the place
  3. Lost a chance to work for a great company but lost that due to the economy
  4. Both brother in laws got into a bad car accident but thankfully survived
  5. Health insurance went up dramatically due to economy
5 Reasons 2009 kicked ass:
  1. Saved a ton of money to help get out of debt
  2. Took a trip to the Carolina's to meet gf's grandparents and see brother in law
  3. Went to first developer conference. Was awesome!
  4. Bought a newer car
  5. Finally got my laptop after saving for way too long
Goals for 2010 (not in any specific order):
  1. Secure a position with a company that pays their developers more then Walmart
  2. Continue to learn the languages that I have been studying
  3. Get a car that doesn't need it's oil checked ever other day
  4. Work harder at getting freelance service known
  5. Complete CMS Leo project
  6. Get married to my fiance of 13 years.
  7. Buy a house, buy a house buy a house
  8. Learn to relax a bit more and less stressed out
  9. Somewhere in there I'll also try and find time to drop a few pounds
My fiance was told to burn a certain candle for good luck in the following year and she did. Hopefully this will FINALLY be our year to succeed and accomplish what we've been trying for many years now.

- Pete

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