Sunday, November 29, 2009

CMS Project Update

Back in the very beginning of September I Blogged about a Content Management System project of my own that I have been trying to get started for a while now.

For a quick update, I have been working REALLY hard working on templates, tons of CSS and of coarse the list of features that seem to never stop growing (shocker there huh?).

Thus the reason that I must tell myself to calm down with the feature list and just get the base of the system down so I can continue to add onto it while I have a basic beta out for others to fiddle with and make their judgments.

In my previous Blog I also stated that I would be developing my CMS in ColdFusion but that has changed for the main reason of popularity. I know I know ColdFusion is a great language and I'll probably get hit with a lot of CFers's stating why I should use ColdFusion even though I haven't stated the language that I will be developing in.

Originally my CMS was suppose to be developed in ColdFusion as I stated above until I started to do some fiddling with Python and Django. Then I started developing a lot in PHP, I mean more than I have ever done before and started to feel more comfortable coding with PHP than ColdFusion. I can't believe I'm gonna say this but I actually liked developing in PHP more then ColdFusion. I blame this on the straight month of work that I was handed in no other than PHP.

I am not saying goodbye to ColdFusion at all, just saying sorry ColdFusion, not this project, maybe the next one.

So, PHP it is and I accept all the challenges that I come across during the development of my CMS project.

- Pete

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