Monday, February 23, 2009

Getting in deep with some Oracle studying

Lately I've been doing a very large amount of database work and SQL programming. Thus the reason I have decided to drop what I have been studying (I'm a Java newbie) to go full strength with studying Oracle PL/SQL. Why Oracle? Simply answered would be that when I got out of school and was working hard to find a company that would hire a noob. I like many others was getting attacked by all the head hunters and what I always told them was that I am interested in a job where I can do some Oracle work and I always got the same response, "If your just out of school, you're not ready for Oracle". Though this was definitely correct, I now believe that I'm ready to get my feet wet with some serious database programming.

Today, I FINALLY received my Oracle book from Amazon. Though I do know SQL, it could always be better so I decided to start out with "Oracle Database 11g SQL, Master SQL and PL/SQL in the Oracle Database". I know it's a saturday and I also know the weekend is the time to let loose and relax, but I am actually excited to dig into this book as soon as I can, so being the geek I am, I'll probably jump right in today.

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