Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The NEW 2008 MacBook Pro

Many many people have already done their reviews on the brand new and shiny 2008 MacBook Pro except for myself. Do I even have one of those monsters, NO!, but I have been saving my pennies for one since those things are insanely priced (yea, only 2k sheesh). I may not have one but as always I believe it's a must to take a trip to the Apple store which is all the way in Atlantic City to have a look at the new laptops in person and instead of driving to AC I just took a trip to the nearest Best Buy with a n Apple section which happened to be in Mays Landing.

The first thing I did was pick the laptop up and noticed how lite it was compared to the older models. I then opened the laptop and glanced at the screen because I heard of there being tons of glare because of the new glossy screens. I don't think the glossy screen is a big deal, maybe because I may be use to the newer glossy monitors since I own a 22" HP LCD which does have a glossy screen. What I did like was the new track pad which is now glass and also acts as a button. I really like that idea lots because I always hated those silly little buttons and always wished for someone to finally get a clue and put a massive track pad on a laptop.

The next thing I played with was the same keyboard as the MacBook Air I was hoping that they wouldn't have put on the MacBook Pro. I'm sorry to say it but I totally loved the keyboard on the old style so much better.

Of coarse you have the ports in their usual laptop locations although missing a standard Firewire port and including a mini display port. I really don't mind the lacking of the older Firewire because they did include all the latest hardware. Again, I don't have any problems with the mini display port for the reason of it being a laptop and I doubt that I'll plug an external screen into it.

There's other changes such as hardware upgrades as there should be along with taking the redundancy of a battery indicator off the bottom of the laptop and placing it on the side where it should be.

That's all I have to say about the new 2008 MacBook Pro and I like many others have been waiting for these changes before placing my order for one.

- Pete

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