Saturday, July 26, 2008

Opening Day

Yup! This would be my very first blog ever. So I think I should start opening day by introducing myself. Well, my name is Pete (that's all you really need to know). I am a Web Programmer/Computer Technician/Network Technician for a small company in New Jersey called SMS Inc. I originally went to school to become a Computer/Network Technician so I could try and make the big bucks. After school I really never had any form of interest in any type of coding languages. But, after reading books on HTML, JavaScript and very basic programming with C++, C, and Java. I guess you could say that I was hooked and absolutely loved the feeling of writing many many lines of intricate code. After taking on the art of web design at full force it was definitely time to try and get some work in this industry. Just like everyone else, I got doors slammed in my face and shown to the back door. Finally, someone decided to give me a chance and I was on my way.

One year after starting my career in the web coding world, I was making ok money, but nothing great just yet at least. I can now say I am fluent in the following coding languages: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, ActionScript, SQL and Flex. The language that I do most of my coding in is ColdFusion with MySQL. Why ColdFusion! Because you can integrate many other languages into ColdFusion such as: Java, C++ C and Flex just to name some.

While I do believe that I am doing rather well in the web world after only one year I did make a pact to myself right after I finished school. The pact was if I felt that I was doing well enough cash wise. I would begin to study for the dreaded CCNA exam so I could make an attempt at becoming a Certified Cisco Network Associate. Now, I am not gonna lie one bit. The CCNA exam scares me quite a bit. This might be because everyone in the computer industry has always said that the CCNA exam is by far the hardest exam anyone in the computer industry could take. That right there is enough to make me pretty nervous.

On another note! I would like to plug my web site that is actually under heavy development. It will be based on a freelance service for the everyday person or big companies that need someone to jump in the battle and take care of a few things. Once my web site hits the live state, I will post a link for all to visit.

- Pete

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